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You already have your own Wix website but you are not 100% satisfied.

Especially for Wix users.

Everything starts with a great Wix website.

Make your own Wix website even better.

Perhaps you have created your own Wix website, but aren't 100% happy? Allow our specialists to upgrade your current site. We'll make sure your website is the right fit for your target group, that everything works perfectly, your site is easy to find and meets the Wix quality standards.

You're the boss.

We are happy to help you with your Wix website, but you remain in control. Let us know what you would like to change or what you want to achieve with your website and we will work for you. If you want to know how we do that please contact us.

Become a expert in Wix.

With years of experience we are the certified Wix partner when it comes to your website.

Our Wix Trainers also provide extensive Wix courses (customized) for building and maintaining your own Wix website.


Great designs and well found on Google.

We ensure that your site will look great, that it meets all (technical) requirements of Wix and of course is well found in Google. In addition, we can help you further with, among other things:

- Design

- Stock photography

- Copywriting

- Multi language

- Extra modules

- Etc...

Do you have a Wix website but not 100% satisfied?

Let us know.

All in one

mobile app.

Always and everywhere connected with your contacts! Create and send beautiful e-mails directly from your phone. Chat with your customers, follow them online and get more revenue from your website.


Of course all our websites are 100% responsive. This gives your users an optimal web experience on every screen and type of device (desktop, tablet and mobile).